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The place and role of the Republic administration for geodetic and property affairs is defined in the Law on Republic Administration ("Official gazette of the Republic of Srpska", no. 118/08 and 74/10) whose article 33. and the Law on amendments to the Law on Republic administration state:


(1) The Republic administration for geodetic and property affairs performs administrative and other proffesional tasks related to:

  • survey and the establishment of the real estate cadastre,
  • renewal of the survey and real estate cadastre,
  • maintenance of the survey, real estate cadastre, cadastre of communal services, except for works that are legally transfered to the jurisdiction of local governments,
  • cadastral classification and land quality evaluation,
  • mapping the territory of the Republic,
  • keeping an technical archive of original plans and maps,
  • primary surveying work,
  • supervision of survey work and work on real estate, land and communal services cadastres,
  • land consolidation and surveying for special purposes,
  • property and other affairs related to publicly owned real estate,
  • property affairs on land, buildings, expropriation, land acquisition, agrarian relations, termination of state ownership,
  • establishment of earlier property rights on state owned land-denationalization,
  • records of properties and property rights,
  • property affairs related to real estate to which the Republic has the right of use,
  • supervisory, normative, legal and analytical activities and other activities in accordance with the law.


(2) The Republic administration for geodetic and property affairs is an independent Republic administration.


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