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The place and role of the Republic Geodetic and Property Law Administration are determined by Article 33 of the Law on Republic Administration ("Official Gazette of the Republika Srpska", No. 115/18):

The Republic Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs performs administrative and professional tasks related to:

- Survey jobs,

- Establishment and renewal of the real estate cadastre, monitoring and ensuring the updating of the real estate cadastre, cadastre of utility devices, except for the tasks that are transferred by law to the local self-government units;

- Participation in financing the survey and establishment of real estate cadastre, as well as control and supervision of fees and services rendered in accordance with the powers given by special laws;

- Cadastral classification and land registration, land consolidation and land survey for special needs;

- Remote detection, topographic-cartographic activities, mapping of the territory of the Republic, issuing cartographic and other publications and giving consent to the issuance of cartographic publications;

- Maintaining a technical archive of the original plans and maps, basic geodetic works, issuing and revoking geodetic licenses, issuing and revoking authorizations for recording from the air space of the Republic territory for the purpose of survey;

- Central address register, register of spatial units, development of methodology and geodetic bases for population census;

- Geoinformation Management System (GIS) and Geospatial Data Infrastructure of the Republic;

- Keeping records of geographic names;

- Certification of substrates in engineering and technical fields;

- Property-legal and other real-law relations on real estate owned by holders of public law;

- Property relations on land and buildings;

- Expropriation, usurpation, agrarian relations;

- Termination of state ownership, establishment of earlier property relations on land owned by holders of public law - denationalization;

- Keeping real estate records and real estate rights;

- Property-related legal affairs relating to real estate to which the Republic and local self-government units are entitled;

- Supervisory, regulatory and analytical tasks;

- Realization of international projects in the field of geodetic and property-legal affairs;

- Provision of services within the scope of the Administration within the framework of international cooperation and other tasks in accordance with the law.

The Republic Administration for Geodetic and Property Affairs is an independent republican administration.


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