Basics of GDIRS


Geospatial Data Infrastructure of the Republic of Srpska

The Republic administration for geodetic and property affairs of the Republic of Srpska as the responsible insitution for the production, storage, exchange and distribution of most of the spatial data for the Republic of Srpska, part of which cadastral data is certainly the most significant, has in accordance with its legal jurisdiction and proper place in this field taken over the role of the provider and integrator in the establishment of the Geospatial Data Infrastructure of the Republic of Srpska (SDIRS).

The term Spatial Data Infrastructure is used to refer to the basic set of technologies, policies and institutional arrangements that facilitate the availability and access to spatial data, and with that to cadastral data. SDIRS defines the basis for finding and evaluating spatial data, as well as applications for all users and suppliers of data on all levels of government, the commercial sector, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions and the general public.

The goal of building an spatial data infrastructure is the treatment of production, management, distribution and use of spatial data( data on the geometry of elements of space, thematic content and ownership) as infrastructure (roads, telecommunication lines etc.). Infrastructure is defined as a foundation or basic framework (of system, organization…), or as a basic structural foundation of a society or organization on which other components are based. It is a public good. Since the spatial data in the jurisdiction of the Administration is a very important resource, and represents the basis for the implementation of such systems, it is important to create such an enviroment that will facilitate all activities related to this type of data.

GDIRS includes much more than a simple set of data or databases. GDIRS contains spatial data and associated attributes, which include proprietary information, documentation about data (metadata), ways of searching, vizualization and evaluation of data (catalogs and web mapping) as well as certain methods for access to spatial data. Apart from this there should be other services and applications that need to support the use of data. In order for the SDI to be fully functional, organizational agreements have to exist that are necessary for its coordination and administration on the local, entity, national and international level. SDI concepts don’t include descriptions of the basic sets of data or applications developed on them, but provide an ideal enviroment for connecting applications with data- these concepts affect the creation of data sets and applications through a minimum appropriate set of standards and policies.











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