A geoportal represents a target area for the presentation of geospatial data, its review, editing and search. The geoportal application of the Republic administration for geodetic and property affairs was created in such a way that on one hand, it allows the presentation, distribution and charging of fees for distributed data under the jurisdiction of the Administration through services and applications, and on the other provides interoperability with data from other institutions of the Republic of Srpska which together with data of the Administration form the SDIRS (Spatial Data Infrastructure of the Republic of Srpska), all in accordance with the INSPIRE directive and other international standards in this field.

The network services and technologies available within the Geoportal are: search, preview, download, transformation and connectivity.




e-Cadastre is an application for the preview of cadastral data through the internet (through the Geoportal of the Republic administration for geodetic and property affairs of the Republic of Srpska).

All data represented here is unofficial and cannot be used for any personal or business needs.



Metadata Catalogue

A metadata catalogue is a web application whose main purpose is the viewing and creation of metadata in accordance with the INSPIRE directive (2007/2/EC)1 and the INSPIRE Metadata Regulation (1205/2008)2. A metadata catalogue allows the description of a set of geospatial data or spatial services in accordance with the standards ISO 19115:2003 and ISO 19119:2005iii.

Metadata is related to the attributive information that describes spatial sets of data. Metadata allows users or information systems to access and assess wheter the requested information is suitable for the desired application.

Metadata describes the scope of selected materials, the responsible organization, method of classification, keywords, geographic position, quality and validity, conditions and restrictions for public access and other aspects related to data usability. Metadata can be divided into general descriptive metadata, which can be useful when searching the resources and products related to geoinformation, and detailed metadata that allows a closer evaluation of data and products.

Metadata is useful for mechanisms for finding and providing information about spatial data and services, to both providers and users of that data. There are the following levels of metadata:
• Finding: Which data sources contain the required information? It allows the users to search and locate information on available themes, theme categories, keywords, geographic locations, data coverage.
• Research (or estimate): Is it possible to find the right information within the source that meets the needs?
• Exploitation (access and use): How to access and use a source of information? This is a more detailed description of data needed for the use of geodata, quality, conditions and restrictions and structure (data model and vocabulary).

Metadata Catalogue


Object Catalogue

The object catalogue serves as a table of contents of object types or classes that can be found on the Geoportal. Within the catalogue a search can be executed as well as access to the data that is in the possession of the Republic administration for geodetic and property affairs.

Object Catalogue




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